what Lumbago ,how treat that ?

If you suffer from back pain and begins to notice a loss of strength or muscle mass in one or both legs, you should contact your doctor.

These previous cases are due to low back pain is a manifestation of a more complex, such as a lumbar disc herniation, which besides producing back pain can cause sciatic pain.

In cases of acute lumbago
– NSAIDs and muscle relaxants are effective. Los analgésicos pueden ayudar a aliviar el dolor. Remember to consult your doctor if you have or have had stomach before initiating treatment with anti-inflammatory.
– Staying active is beneficial.  Follow with your daily activity as far as pain allows.
– Natación en una piscina caliente. Swimming in a heated pool.
– Rest and sleep on a firm, flat surface if possible.
– Avoid bending at the back, bending your legs do. Avoid heavy lifting and sitting on low chairs.
– It is important to note that lower back pain is rarely caused by a serious illness, and pain usually disappear within a couple of days.

In cases of chronic low back pain
If you have had back pain for an extended period, you should consult your doctor.  Rarely does a radiographic ( X-ray ) provides additional information on the box or the cause, but is done if there is any suspicion by the physician, to rule out more serious processes that are responsible for the box. Going to a physiotherapist or chiropractor for spinal manipulation can be beneficial, producing pain relief. Pero este alivio no siempre es duradero. But this is not always lasting relief. Remember to go to professionals who are in possession of the relevant formal qualifications, fleeing from the self-massage that can lead to a worsening of the lesions.

Postural hygiene as exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles and back can be very beneficial for pain relief and prevention.

There is no evidence that these treatments are effective: use of antidepressants, traction, injections into the facet joint and biofeedback (feedback) with EMG (electromyography).

What can you do at home to relieve pain? How emits medical diagnosis?
In most cases the doctor reaches the diagnosis based on the information provided by the patient . Chiropractors typically perform a detailed exploration watching the movements of the joints of the spine, hips and pelvis, muscle and joint conducting tests and checking for a pinched nerve in the spine.

Usually you do not need X-rays or blood tests to rule out more serious causes of back pain.

Acute Lumbago
– It is beneficial to the adiministración of NSAIDs and staying active .
– It is possibly beneficial analgesic administration and manipulation of the spine .
– With advantages and disadvantages: take muscle relaxants .
– No one knows the efficacy of colchicine, epidural injections of corticosteroid injections into the facet joint, postural hygiene, the EMG feedback, back exercises, using lumbostato (band), physical therapy sessions, the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).
– Possibly harmful Reusltan bed rest and traction.

Chronic Lumbago
– Exercises are beneficial for strengthening the back muscles and postural hygiene.
– They are possibly beneficial: analgesics, NSAIDs, injections into ligaments and trigger points, spinal manipulations.
– They are of unknown efficacy of colchicine, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, epidural steroid injections, acupuncture, TENS, physiotherapy, using lumbostato, stay active.
– They are possibly not beneficial bed rest, the EMG feedback.
– They are possibly harmful injections into the facet joint and traction.

How is lumbago? Evolution of lumbago
Evolution is good as long as the person remains up and get proper treatment early in the frame.

It is shown that a weak abdominal and lumbar muscles increases the risk of low back pain, so it is recommended moderate exercise designed to strengthen these muscles.

Henrik Wulff Christensen , chiropractor, Jan Hartvigsen , chiropractor,  Stephen CP Collins , general practitioner