What Is The Iodine ?

Signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency
– Cretinism: results from iodine deficiency during early childhood and is characterized by psychomotor retardation. Years ago it was common in parts of Spain and the Alps, far from the sea. Currently, it has solved the problem with the use of iodized salt.

– Goiter and hypothyroidism: Lack of iodine in adults can cause a disruption in thyroid hormone synthesis as evidenced by: Fatigue Weight Pale skin Intolerancia al frío Cold intolerance Slowness of movement and thought Amenorrea (lack of menstruation) Enlarged neck.

– Aadiendo a supplement to food, particularly using iodized salt as table salt and flavoring.
– Food varied with seafood.

– Treatment with iodine drops.
– Thyroid hormone therapy to correct the hypothyroidism .

Treatment of poisoning iodine deficiency and overdose
The body can not remove excess iodine, and an excess of it favors a block in the production of hormones by the thyroid. In other cases, it can also trigger the production of an excess of thyroid hormones ( hyperthyroidism ).

Dr. Cécile Le Page , medical biologist