What Is Balanitis And How Treat That ?

Contact allergy
Allergy to latex and additives used in the manufacture of rubber (for example, preservatives ), and the cosmetics components (used by the patient or his partner).

Balanitis xerotica sclerosing (BXE, also called amyotrophic lichenoid)
This disease primarily affects the foreskin, leading to a loss of skin color, scarring and tightness of it, it also produces phimosis (difficulty in retracting the foreskin), which may require a circumcision.
Sometimes surgery is needed to prevent retraction (narrowing) of the urethra.Steroid creams may be useful for irritation, however, the patient requires long term monitoring to prevent recurrences.The circumcision , however, is the definitive treatment.

Circinate Balanitis
Demonstration in skin Reiter syndrome, a disease of the joints that causes arthritis (inflammation and pain in the joints, usually in the knees), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside) and conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Nomalía widespread pathological skin
They can also affect the penis include: the lichen planus, psoriasis , erythema multiforme exudative, fixed erythema (especially that caused by various drugs, one of which is tetracycline) or Queyrat erithroplakia (a precancerous condition of rare skin).

The diabetics have more risk because balanitis bacterial or fungal.

 What are the causes of balanitis?
The most common causes are:

Balanitis in young
This is usually related to a foreskin that can not retract well, this is called phimosis. Phimosis causes poor hygiene and persistent contact of urine and smegma with the mucosa of the glans.Uncomplicated cases usually respond to antibiotic ointment, and hygiene.

The occasional irritation and inflammation of the glans may be due to paraphimosis, usually caused in patients with any degree of phimosis, the foreskin is retracted toward balano-preputial (the groove between the glans penis and the rest), and remain in that position.The pressure of the foreskin reduces the venous drainage of the glans penis, which causes inflammation of the same, and increases paraphimosis, preventing in practice, to retract the foreskin. Finally, this may end up obstructing blood flow to strangle the glans, requiring urgent medical treatment. Often, the foreskin can return to its normal position after a forceful maneuver of the physician, otherwise, surgical intervention is necessary with anesthesia local dorsal incision of the prepuce or circumcision.

What tests are needed?
In many cases, the diagnosis can be made by assessing the patient’s history and physical examination with good.

– To confirm or allergies, you must perform allergy tests, skin patches containing substances for which you want to check if there is an allergic rejection local .
– Suspecting erithroplakia BXE Queyrat or may be required biopsy performed by a dermatologist or urologist .
– To rule out diabetes must perform blood tests and urine .
– Samples must be taken for culture inflamed area, to determine the presence of a bacterial or fungal infection, especially in cases that do not respond to first-line antibiotics .
– Suspecting UTI must submit a urine sample for microscopy and culture .

How is balanitis?
Treatment depends on the causes that originate. It is necessary to consult a doctor before taking any specific action, ostensibly because the treatment varies depending on the cause that results in the table. The most common measures are:
– Basic hygiene allow eliminating the cause irritating in certain cases, especially in cases of phimosis .
– Washing the penis with an antiseptic solution of potassium permanganate (at a dilution 1/10.000), is a measure almost always beneficial, although it causes a temporary violet coloration .
– Creams can be used with steroids (cortisone derivatives) intermediate potency (for short periods of time) in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, infectious or non-eczematous .
– BXE cases and other rare pathological need arise the urologist or dermatologist .
– In some cases, phimosis and paraphimosis require circumcision to prevent further episodes of balanitis .

Dr Geoff Hackett , a specialist in sexual dysfunction