What are Symptoms Iron Deficiency ?

Who is most at risk for iron deficiency?
Iron deficiency (iron deficiency) is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, since power may not be enough to meet the needs as they increase, as in:

– The pregnant women
– The women with prolonged or heavy periods
– Children who do not take meat products
– Athletes
– People who have absorption disorders in iron.

Signs and symptoms of iron deficiency
Iron deficiency causes a type of anemia called iron deficiency , which can give the following symptoms:

– Pallor
– Fatigue
– Feeling dizzy.

Treatment of iron deficiency
The lack of iron is treated with the administration of oral iron generally, but it is also possible for injection administration. Preventive treatment is also performed with oral iron and is recommended in people with a history of iron deficiency, which remains the cause of iron deficiency.
Poisoning and overdose

Iron intolerance can be translated into:
Iron poisoning, especially when it accumulates in excess after year, produces a condition called hemosiderosis deposit. This occurs particularly in people who receive multiple transfusions over many years.

– Stomach ache
– Nausea and vomiting
– Diarrhea

Dr. C├ęcile Le Page , medical biologist