Towels that Decorate the Bathroom

Those of Gant Home also feature a collection specially designed for heat seasons and holidays. Its component parts are inspired by real people and places, adding a sense of warmth and comfort to the home.
For example, the collection ‘Rio’ is full of warm colors that bring the season to the bathroom. Colors like apple green, watermelon pink or cobalt blue. They add a touch of sparkle to a cozy space. And all this knowing that you bring home the best quality cotton.

gray Towels

They could not miss in this relationship signature towels Interiors texture . That romanticism fill out for the bathroom. The same that permeates the collection Dress up your home! moves into the bathroom wearing towels with suggestive signature prints and delicate embroidery.
Unconditional offer their various collections. We wanted to highlight the Delphinium called. It consists of pieces in three different sizes. All of them made ​​of 100% cotton. Son of a discrete-and-gray easily combined with a careful matching of the same colors apply.
Despite this taste for discrete colors, texture not to confuse the possibility of the target. The towels in this color are a must in any bathroom with its own personality. Pois Collection combines this color with a subtle lilac embroidery.

Three possibilities crocus, lime and cobalt.