Top tips for a happy couple

April. Couples Therapy
Deeply know your partner and vice versa become more intense relationship. Confessing feelings is not easy, but the short, medium and long term will connect much.

May. Being independent
You are in love (madly) of it and you’d be all day beside her, but listen: aside time for each is necessary and healthy. Also, if you see and call you every day, what you are to say when you are together at night?

6. Remember the good times
See the photos of travel and re-read the love letters together is a fun way to watch your path as fondly happy couples .

7. Do not criticize
Instead of reproach him his forgetfulness and small errors (forgetting your mother’s birthday, for example), thank him the details, as you replace your perfume by surprise.

8. Celebrate as the first day
The happy couples that day a very special way of living for a long time has passed. Why not celebrate the third or fourth anniversary rebuilding your first night of passion? For example ..