Tips To Reform And Decorate The Bathroom

*  Materials:
For a master bathroom, especially if it is too large, no material is too good or “fancy”. They are ideal natural wood, organic, natural marble or granite, ceramic tiles, one-piece design for medical, pure cotton fabrics, and plants, even artificial.

For countertops, previously used only marble and ceramics, but the stone, glass and wood are used increasingly.

For the bathroom floor, if one wants to use his calided timber can be used to waterproof wood polyurethane varnish, resistant to moisture, so there will be no leakage of water or water vapor and the pavement will last many years. For the floor of a bathroom must always keep in mind that you must be water resistant, and handy for easy cleaning, so it should be placed smooth and impervious soils. In addition, the material should be non-slip, as the moist environment increases the risk of slipping.

* Design:
To create a custom project, consider asking advice from an interior designer, who will analyze the space and the needs of the inhabitants of the house. Some things to discuss with the designer include the shower, the tub, the number of toilets, the use of screens and possible reduced accessibility accessories.  The bathrooms are much more personal than eg kitchens, so it is advisable to discuss with the designer questions or want to incorporate a screen to isolate the toilet, or put double showers, for example

CLASSIC BATHROOMThe master bathroom has undergone some changes in recent years, the giant tubs, which became so popular, are dropping positions ecological awareness which leads to saving water, saving space by representing a shower before a bath, and the time savings involved.  Regarding the showers so now, you get the same benefit as a bath in a bathtub, but it ends in five minutes and spent only enough water. Today consuming custom showers including overhead shower head, shower head wall, hand shower head, shower tiles, rain bars, body sprays and steam showers.

As for the number of sinks, put a second sink can raise the price quite a reform, so you should think whether it is really necessary, because it is usually best single sink, with a higher counter.It is preferable to make room for the counter for two people, two sinks that occupy the entire front.

* Accessibility:
Another trend in bathrooms is the use of universal design, designed to accommodate people of all ages and conditions, and is also something that should be envisaged from the beginning of the reform project.Includes wider doorways, showers with no lower ribs, large shower doors and more space around fittings. Before universal elements, such as grab bars for disabled or elderly, were considered industrial look, but now combine perfectly even in the modern bathrooms.

* Details decoration:
A great master bath is an oasis of tranquility, what can be achieved with a number of details, here are five ideas:
– Terry towels or soft cotton in light colors.
– Natural wood furniture such as a natural wood worktop, stool, or even a branch hung on the wall as decoration.
– Plants that do not need much light, or artificial plants.
# If you can afford it, place a small fountain, waterfall or any decorative element that moves the water and make it sound when you want it, the sound of water is more relaxing than any other.
– Paintings and murals of lakes, goldfish or any other sea or landscapes, flowers or plants.



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