Tips to prevent the clothes fade when washed

# 4 Treat stains faded
Keep in mind that if you create faded stain on the clothes you’re washing the stain should try a few before, to have greater chances of removing the stain effectively and quickly , but mostly without damaging your garment.

# 5. Resorting to chlorine
For white garments and with which you have insured that are resistant to chlorine, you can try to remove stains faded with a little diluted bleach very well in warm water, but always taking care to wear gloves on your hands to not abuse your skin or your manicure.

# 6 Run the clothes quickly
Keep in mind always quickly get your clothes from washer after the cycle for washing, because when you’re washing your chances of spots are few, but when the cycle ended and forget your clothes then take the chances that the colors are mixed are high.