Tips to bring a new dog home

How to educate your dog at home
If the walk is carried out in a state of calm and no problems were generated, time to take the dogs home . The correct way to enter is to not open the door and let the dog sniff in and every room is a strange space and should learn from the outset what the house rules are.

So to educate the dog , take him first to the room where you will be given food and water usually do it and wait while you prepare your meal and drink. Once the dog has eaten, will continue with the other rooms, always following the same methodology: let it go only when he is calm. Do not bring to the rooms you do not want to enter. The old dog will accompany him.

When the tour is finished, it’s time to introduce the other family members human. The new dog is the one who should approach them, sniff and receive affection. The rule is that the leaders do not go to his followers, the followers are going towards their leaders.

As for the dogs , they should leave them better known and established hierarchies between them. It is their natural way of living and not to force them to behave submissive or dominant.
If you have pets at home , stay at home Total to learn some cleaning tips that will be useful.