Tips for washing the car easily

Then proceeds to clean the inside of the car , removing the carpets. To clean the carpets of the car , you can place them on the floor and brush them, or vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from all the cracks and vents and air.

Finally, you have to clean the car seats. If they are leather, you can easily clean them with a product that is sold in the market, if they are material, we recommend reading How to Clean Car Seat .

Home Tips for cleaning the car
Use baby wipes to clean the lamps and glass of the car.
Instead of waxing the car, use the following solution and the next time it rains your car will not suffer the consequences: 1 cup of kerosene, one 12 liter bucket full of water, 1 sponge. Mix well and use only the sponge to spread the mixture across the surface of the car.
Prepare a homemade solution to brush car cleaning when needed. Mix 60 ml of household ammonia with 1 liter of water, and store in a plastic bottle with a lid. It is ideal to carry in your car as clean glass and windshield wiper blades.
Fill the water tank of your wipers homemade solution with the following: 3 cups of vodka, 4 cups water, and 2 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Take a bottle with lid, stir to mix and fill the tank.