Tips for ordering your home

If the room is small ranks the highest, with tough media you can place a rack on top of the wall and make this space the perfect spot for everything.

A header with compartments allow you to store magazines and books without having them in sight.

For a child everything seems reason a game can be fun, so when you pick up your toys should be as special as the removing. To make your shelves look more friendly toys add ‘stickers’ plastic paint or write your name and some drawings.

In the kitchen is very important to maintain the order, harmony and beauty. Even if everything is in sight may be ordered.

Grouped by categories, all dishes and glasses together, spices, pans, finally, assign each group a ledge that will have every piece at hand.

In the kitchens the triple recycling bin is imposed. Stops accumulating bags on one side and the other for packaging, paper and organic waste. A cube with three paragraphs, albeit broad lets you have it all concentrated in one spot and ready to throw in the appropriate container.

For the kitchen or the lounge, a ‘rack’ that allows you to order drinks, wines and also has an auxiliary sink will be helpful. Fragile pieces not in danger of breaking and generate a total chaos.

If you do not want a messy room, the model of Waverly Armstrog Mudroom Cabinets with a corner and hook all will make the task easier. Buy baskets and decorate with a ribbon that matches your furniture and put there books, sweaters, bags and everything you need.

If you have many small decorative objects, a shelf with several shelves allow you to place them aesthetically. You can also use it as a bookseller and separator areas of the house, so you better marcarás spaces used for everything.

In the bathroom drawers you can put a cloth to separate organizer tools hair, toothpaste, soap and all your essentials.