Tips for cleaning less on New Years Eve

Serves simple food
Prepare food prepared will keep you anchored to the kitchen and generate mountains of dishes to wash. Prepare simple dishes, where possible cold, having not bring them many different sauces that can get dirty, and do not need large amount of dishes.

Evita fine tableware
Plus it can be broken, fine tableware requires care when the heap and lavas. Choose to use glasses instead of tall glasses and biodegradable disposable plates and if you visit many people.

More tips for maintaining cleanliness on New Years Eve
Prepare for success
It’s a good idea to place a tray on the side or in a corner on a small table so guests can put there dishes and utensils after use. It is also important to put a cute bucket for trash generated at the meeting in a discreet location in the room.

Create a smart bar
If you have carpet or upholstered furniture, some drinks can be your enemy when a treat at home. The wine and dark spirits can create stubborn stains. Choose serve white wine or beer, and if you punch, place in a distant place to carpets.

Keep the guests in a hotel
If you let the people attending the celebration wander everywhere, we probably have finished all your household upside down. Keep bedroom doors closed and the lights off if you do not want guests and disperse the mess in the house.

Please close your cleaning tools
It does not mean to walk with the rag in hand throughout the party, but leaves everything ready in case a spill occurs. Clean while guests can reach them uncomfortable, but what you can do is have some ally remove dirty things and no longer used, as plates and glasses. Your best friend can be your older child or your best friend.

When finished, go to the essentials
It is not necessary that as soon as the last guest retires you wear to clean everything. Quietly you can wait until the next morning to do it, especially if the celebration ended late at night. If you choose this option, all you have to remember is you want to keep eating leftovers the next day in the refrigerator, as well as beverages and were pre treat stains.