The West Coast of Sweden, a different destination for a very special holiday

The shops and boutiques that are in the Way of Lights and shopping districts contiguous, festooned with Christmas decorations, open their doors every day of the week. Miriam Preis-Tourism Sweden.


During Christmas, Gothenburg, the second city in importance and size of the country, after Stockholm, is a spectacle of lights and luminaries. Not to be missed, in particular, the period around the festival of St. Lucia (December 13), a party deeply felt by the Swedes / © Miriam Preis-Tourism Sweden.


In the port of Gothenburg decked, the most important of Sweden, everyone meets on December 31 to see the fireworks with the city welcomes the new year / Göran Assner-Tourism Sweden.


Marstrand is one of the most famous cities in the Bohuslän coast and a major summer resort of royalty since the nineteenth century. Among its charms, its wooden architecture, the fortress Carlsten and water sports / Jonas Ingman © Tourism Sweden.


About five million bright lights adorn the largest Christmas market in Scandinavia, the Liseberg Amusement Park. In its 80 rustic cabins and houses are selling crafts, holiday food and there is also an ice bar, an ice rink and children’s attractions / Göran Assner-Tourism Sweden.


Estampa winter in the western archipelago, which has among its major claims, the island of Marstrand and neighboring Astol, as well as other Hållö and Koster islands, the largest marine reserve in Sweden, and the perfectly named Väderörna (Vader islands Time) / Jonas Ingman © Tourism Sweden.


If there’s a town that lives in Sweden and for Christmas, that’s Gothenburg, the Christmas spirit lives in every home and in every corner of the city / © Helena Wahlman-Tourism Sweden.


Besides the Liseberg Christmas market in Gothenburg also installed other in Nordstan, Haga, Kronhuset, Gustav Adolfs Torg and Tjolöholms Palace Slott / Jonas Ingman © Tourism Sweden.