The Most Beautiful Natural Areas in Europe

Plitvice Natural Park is best known in Croatia, a real spectacle of green water for their 16 turquoise lakes and transparent backgrounds connected by nearly a hundred cascades, as well as for their thick forests of beech, fir and pine / Tourism Croatia.


They say those who have risen to the mouth of the powerful, evocative, heartbreaking and majestic Mount Teide, at nearly 4,000 feet, the experience is like touching the sky / © Turismo de Tenerife.

valleys of Thessaly

Suspended on sandstone cliffs, levitating above the valleys of Thessaly, Meteora orthodox monasteries since the fourteenth century contemplate the passage of time from its heavenly heights. A perfect combination between man and nature oneiric / Tourism Greece.


The region of the Dolomites are part of the Eastern Alps, though very different from the rest. Its appearance is characterized by very broad wooded valleys and meadows from which rise, silhouetted by hundreds of meters vertically, the many isolated mountain massifs.

mount durmitor

Mount Durmitor, in the national park of the same name, is the center of Montenegrin mountain tourism, all a claim for skiers and snowboarders.


Embark on a cruise to watch Nærøyfjord snowy peaks, waterfalls and idyllic farms perched on the mountainside is a suggestion more than recommended in Norway / Tourism Norway.

Polish Bialowieza

In the park Polish Bialowieza, the last lowland primary forest left in Europe, yet some 400 survive in the wild. They are the largest wild land mammals of the continent / Tourism Poland.

laurel of Madeira

The laurel of Madeira is located in the main island. It is a very valuable relic, for its size and quality, laurel, a type of laurel forest abundant in the past and now virtually extinct / Turismo de Portugal.


The set of mountains, valleys and glaciers Jungfrau-Aletsch, in the Swiss Alps, comprising the largest glacier in Europe / Travel in Switzerland.

The Gulf of Porto

The Gulf of Porto, Corsica, along with the Calanques de Piana, Gulf of Girolata and Scandola reserve is integrated into the World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 1983 / Tourism France.

Giant's Causeway

When viewed Giant’s Causeway, at the foot of the basalt cliffs of the jagged coast of Antrim, in Northern Ireland, it is hard to believe that a structure like this is the work of nature / Tourism British.