The Smart Hunter

In addition, the tail of the hounds usually white tip, and a dark color on the rest, to make it easier to detect the dog when the brush. Of course, the hounds are raised tail when in activity, allowing easily see their point even if they look to the rest of the dog.

Plus size hounds like Bloodhound have been used for a long time to track fugitive offenders, in addition to its traditional use for hunting. However, currently most versatile prefer other races, such as the German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois for those tasks.

For its part  hounds of medium and small size, as the Beagle , are often used for many different activities to hunting. For example, as explosive detection dogs, narcotics search and rescue. However they are also very appreciated as pet dogs, because they look nice and are very friendly dogs.

if you want to have a beagle as a pet, whether plus size, medium or small, keep in mind that dogs are often need a lot of exercise and they tend to be noisy, as they have a serious bark and howl often. These are features that were fixed by genetic selection, since they increase the work of hunting hounds, and can not be eliminated with training.