The Healthy Budwig Diet

Budwig Diet was created by Dr. Johanna Budwig biochemistry. He died in 2003 after a lifetime as one of the best researchers in Europe. His life was dedicated to the research and treatment of cancer, and his work was recognized in the seven times she was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

The diet was created after a major discovery, that the modern diet is responsible for many cases of cancer, due to its high oil content and sugars hydrogens. Dr. Budwig diet developed following this conclusion to reduce the harmful effects of the modern diet.

Discoveries in the blood

Dr. Budwig made a number of discoveries when he started his research in the blood of cancer patients. It was this discovery which reached the formation of the diet. One of the most important findings was that cancer patients tended to have lower amounts of Omega 3 in their blood. Also found that the blood of patients contained low levels of phosphates and lipoproteins. From these discoveries began with the work of composing a revolutionary diet.

The intention of the diet

The intention of the diet, when it was created, was the change of the formation of cancer cells in patients to be improved. So Dr. Budwig made sure that everything was free of all types of trans fat and sugar. Removing the sugar from the diet was able to deprive the cancer growth and put reverse the disease process.

With these changes, the intention was to increase the amount of healthy red blood cells of a cancer patient, thus putting the disease process in reverse. Dr. Budwig also predicted that this would work in all types of cancer, regardless of where they appear in the body.

What is the Budwig diet?

The diet itself is based on two key ingredients: cheese, quark (curd) and linseed oil.

Quark is similar to goat cheese, and has a high protein level. Linseed oil was chosen precisely because they are high in Omega. With the help of these foods can increase the level of healthy fats in the blood of the patient.

Although these two are the main ingredients, the people who follow the Budwig diet can eat a lot of healthy ingredients that gives variety to the diet, such as fruits and vegetables, and brown rice, oatmeal and fresh juices.

Fast Results

It only took three months to see Dr. Budwig diet results. By the way, according to his observations, cells from the blood of cancer patients returned to normal and gained strength. There he was clear that his diet was the natural cure for cancer, which the world had waited, and today is still used to treat cancer patients.