The Benefits Of Camomile

The active components found in chamomile have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Can be used on wounds to promote healing in swollen gums, and even to soothe diaper rash in babies. Chamomile also contains coumarin, a compound that has effects to “thin” the blood. The homeopathic version of chamomile, known as “Cham” is also used for a number of ailments. In children, Camomile is used to tantrums, for babies experiencing teething and relieving experience irritability, diarrhea and pain, cramping, and earaches. For women, it can be used as a natural remedy to relieve breast pain, menstrual cramps, and other common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Herbal and homeopathic versions have nerve-calming features that help relieve anxiety and tension. This can be a lifesaver during the holidays when stress is experienced by many. Many times, the tension is liable seasonal weight gain. This may be due to a break in the routines, where exercise is sometimes neglected, together with the consumption and related emotional stress. Chamomile not only soothes the nerves, also has been used since ancient times to treat digestive complaints and stomach. Combined with ginger, is an excellent tonic and natural remedy for the entire digestive system and the immune system.

This year, there is a resolution you do not have to wait until the new year to run. Natural remedies are readily available throughout the year to help promote balance and health. Are not only affordable, can be used to treat a variety of complaints other..and  so many benefits and no side effects!

Camomile is available in tea bags or dried flowers, that can absorb water and enjoy hot or cold.

Here are some tips to further enhance the healing powers of chamomile:

> Do not let the steam escape infuse while you are soaking
> Add honey to your tea tastes delicious chamomile and honey is another of the most abundant remedies of nature

> Add ginger for digestive upset or nausea

> Make tea concentrate when you need an extra boost

> Buy fresh flowers at a farmer’s market or natural food store for best quality .