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So how do you hands soft and silky

Soft Hands

Necessary glass bottle with stopper glass bowl or timber wooden spoon 30 ml of glycerine 30 ml of rose water 20 ml of orange juice The various daily tasks that we perform, the different temperatures, contact with detergents and frequent

how to take care of oily skin

how to take care of oily skin

When it comes to having oily skin, there are some things you need to do to take care of your face. Oily skin can be very annoying, if not properly cared for. The oil can build up in the pores

How to moisturize your skin

Proud of her beautiful skin

When we realize that we cool, we are ready to run the shops to find a way to moisturize the skin , so we look through the shelves last moisturizer without thinking that we can take action and prevent the