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What are the healing properties of the rough

What are the healing properties of the rough

La Rue is a plant that has been traditionally used as a natural medicine and protective grass by some of the medicinal properties it possesses. These include its digestive, relaxing and antispasmodic properties, also offers benefits to the circulatory level,

How to grow cucumbers outdoors

grow cucumbers outdoors

The cucumbers to be grown outdoors, they need fertile, well drained soil and sun. Because they are sensitive to frost, it is best to transplant them outside in late spring or early summer. In mid-spring to sow a seed into

Caring for plants in summer

Caring for plants in summer

The hottest season is approaching in some parts of the world and it becomes necessary to know how to care for plants in summer . If you want your plants look beautiful and strong in your garden, pay attention to

How often do you water the plants?

How often do you water the plants

plants give us oxygen, but also allow us to decorate the house, make joyful one corner and spread their fragrance environments. But each how much to water your indoor plants ? Saber take care is part of our responsibility to

Tips for growing your own garden at home

Tips for growing your own garden at home

If you like organic products and you fancy growing your own vegetables, notes these simple suggestions to create your own rooftop garden or your backyard In recent years, the so-called urban gardens have become an alternative not only to take

Some advice’s to maintain and work decorations Terrace

how to decorate your balcony

We tell you what to do to make your plants are the envy of all your neighbors If you are fond of growing plants, you will have no problem getting all the goals you marques in decorating your porch or

How to choose the perfect plant for the home ?

home plants

Want to know which plants are best known for their foliage? One of the most important decorative features of a plant is the appearance of its foliage.Indoor plants are chosen in response to this aspect are always attractive, since it

How to Create Spectacular Pots and Planters?

Spectacular Pots and Planters

We tell you what kind of land you choose, what are the most suitable plants and several tricks that will be very helpful to make your garden look perfect The beauty of the planters, pots and other large containers is

Best Aromatic Plants For Decoration

Aromatic Plants

We tell you which plants are best fit for your home decor In house plants can be grown in any color, shape, size and texture suitable to any style and decor, also becoming an exceptional way to increase your knowledge

How To Choose Your Plants ?

plants and home

The use you want to give or ubiaciĆ³n our deck are some of the factors that we can not ignore The morphology and configuration of our peninsula are varied.Not enough to talk of northern areas, central and southern, as also