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Modus Operandi Rabbit with Mustard and Anna Potatoes with Sage

Rabbit with Mustard and Anna Potatoes with Sage

Main ingredients: 1 rabbit Clarified butter 50 grs. Dijon mustard Salt and pepper Cooking: 80 grs. shallots in mirepoix 2 cloves garlic chemise (unpeeled) 150 ml. white wine ½ white bird l.de 1 sprig of sage Salt and pepper 50

Modus Operandi Leek Salad and Poached Egg

Leek Salad and Poached Egg

Ingredients: Salad 600 gr. leek (white part) 50 gr. Watercress ½ tablespoon Dijon mustard 5 tablespoons hazelnut oil 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar 40 gr. julienne carrots 40 gr. Laminated shallots ½ tablespoon chopped tarragon Salt and pepper mill 6 eggs

Modus Operandi Carpaccio Venison Peppers

Carpaccio Venison Peppers

Marinade: 750 ml. white wine 1 pc. chopped red onion 2 pcs. Paysanne carrots (cut into sticks or triangles and then laminated 3mm thick) 1 pc. leek, chopped fine 2 cloves of garlic 1 pc. star anise 5 grains of

Modus Operandi Catalan Cream Version

Catalan Cream Version

Ingredients: 420 gr. cream 80 gr. milk 100 gr. yolk 40 gr. sugar 75 gr. of white chocolate Rind of 2 lemons (skin) Rind of 1 orange (skin) 1 stick of vanilla Preparation: Heat the cream and milk with the

Modus Operandi Banana Cake and Gianduja

Banana Cake and Gianduja

Main ingredients: 13 gr. clarified butter 25 gr. invert sugar 33 gr. yolk 100 gr. icing sugar 100 gr. banana pulp 100 gr. egg white 66 gr. sugar 166 gr. flour 6 g. baking powder 100 gr. gianduja, in small

How To Do Ox Cheek, Foie Gras and Pumpkin Puree ?

Ox Cheek, Foie Gras and Pumpkin Puree

Ingredients: 1,2 kg. ox cheeks 300 gr. foie gras cooked 1 kg. Mushroom 2 Potatoes 1.5 l. background beef or water 500 gr. Pumpkin 2 slices of bread 80 gr. butter 50 ml. milk 50 ml. cream 60 ml. olive

Modus Operandi Steamed Hake with Vegetables and Basil ?

Steamed Hake with Vegetables and Basil

Ingredients: – 4 supreme of hake – 500 g of small courgettes – 1 red pepper – 1 green pepper – 1 yellow pepper – 3 scallions, – 400 ml of coconut milk – 6 basil leaves – 50 g

Modus Operandi Sea Bass with Pink Pepper and Yogurt Sauce ?

Sea Bass with Pink Pepper and Yogurt Sauce

Ingredients: – 4 bass loins ration – 1 lime – 1 tbsp red pepper – 4 tbsp of olive oil – Sea salt – A sprig of mint for garnish ■ For the yogurt sauce: – Two light yogurts –

How to Make Royal Icing ?

Royal Icing

The icing is a classic bathroom pastry with which you can perform various tasks decor. Royal icing recipe With royal icing decorations can perform various beautifying when cakes, cookies or certain figures. For consistency, the glaze can be used to

How to Make Chicken Curry ?

Chicken Curry

From India comes this delicious dish: Curry Chicken, ‘the perfume of spices’. What is curry? Mix spices and a traditional dish, both can be a curry, although initially it was the English who gave that name to the fragrant, magical