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How To Treat Bruxism and stress ?

Bruxism and stress

Bruxism and stress, two problems very close Many people living anxiety episodes clench Moments of anxiety, stress, greater emotional stress … These are situations that influence, much in the appearance of problems such as bruxism, or what is the same

What are Cataracts And How Treat That ?


What are cataracts? Cataract is defined as the presence of opacities in the lens. The lens of the eye is a structure which acts as a lens so that light rays entering the eye to focus directly on the retina.

10 Tips For a Safe Road Trip


Take note of our 10 tips for a safe road trip These days, millions of people in our country made road travel. The holidays knock on the door and, paradoxically, the crisis makes many opt for domestic destinations, making road

What You Should Not Miss a Trip Kit ?

First aid kit for travel

Allergies Antihistamine tablets and steroid creams are effective against allergies, itching, rashes and insect bites.Antihistamines can cause drowsiness, something to consider if you are driving. Most of these remedies are available at the pharmacy counter. Diarrhea If you submit diarrhea

What is the Best Advice to Heart, Even in the summer?

What is the Best Advice to Heart, Even in the summer

Simple guidelines to maintain your cardiovascular health as Holidays. A time when many people relax their habits: more meals out, and more abundant, less exercise, more alcohol … It is enjoying summer, but without neglecting our health. Flora Institute with

The Heat, The Worst Enemy of Sleep in Summer

The Heat, The Worst Enemy of Sleep in Summer

High temperatures disrupt sleep and facilitate the development of stress Sleep a wink at night is not at all easy the first days of summer. In fact, we began to see the hours pass as we accompanies a state of

How to Prevent the Cutting of Digestion?

the Cutting of Digestion

It is one of the typical summer mishaps ‘Do not mess still in the water, which you will cut the digestion!’ One of the phrases that surely you played in your childhood. Those hot summer desktops where you had a

How To Act Against Heat Stroke And Heat Stroke?

Heat Stroke And Heat Stroke

They are two of the most serious problems that we may face due to high temperatures We saved days average 40 degrees in Spain … and what we have left! It seemed that there was coming, but summer is hitting

How Can You Protect Ourselves From the Heat ?

How Can You Protect Ourselves From the Heat

With the rising temperatures stay well hydrated is essential ‘It’s hot!’ It is the phrase of the moment. After a particularly cold spring, it seems that summer has been going strong and we expect days of high temperatures. These days,

How Summer Affects Them in Your Eyes?

How Summer Affects Them in Your Eyes

The sun, pool chlorine, dry … There are many external factors that influence Facing the sun • There is a direct relationship between solar radiation and cataract. Ultraviolet rays cause cataracts and induce aging. Furthermore, the reflection of sunlight can