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How to Choose a fitball

How to Choose a fitball

A fitball or swiss ball is a large ball made ​​of rubber or latex, but was designed for a therapeutic function exclusively in the 70s, now its use has spread to all centers fitness . Generates numerous benefits to the

What is Excessive Sweating and How Treat That ?

Excessive Sweating

What is excessive sweating? In medical terms “hyperhidrosis”, is a chronic disorder that involves sweating excessive production of sweat in the sweat glands of the body. It usually appears in early childhood and often lasts the rest of life. It

‘Tips’ To Enjoy the Pleasure of Swimming, Smoothly


Take note of our advice if you want to maximize the days of pool You play sports, enjoy the company of your friends or your family, and you cool off on hot summer days.Swimming is one of those great pleasures

How To Lose The Belly And Retrieve ?

Recommendations and tips to lose belly, detailing what changes behavior and customs proper to be performed successfully to reach a flatter abdomen. Lose the belly can be very difficult for some people, however you do if you will, perseverance and

Asthma and Exercise

Asthma and Exercise

The attacks of asthma triggered by exercise occur in almost all patients with asthma who exercise a certain intensity, especially if they have fallen (or removed) asthma medication. This phenomenon is so typical, if not present, should be revised diagnosis

How Much Exercise To Do You Do ?


Convenience of exercise Today it is fully demonstrated that people who exercise regularly practiced improve their health and quality of life and reach an older age in better overall health. The controlled and sustained exercise provides the following benefits: Moreover,

What is the Slipped Disc and How Treat That ?

The herniated disc

What is the spinal disc? The spinal column consists of vertebrae and between each there is a cartilaginous disc. This disc consists of a circulating connective tissue (annulus) with a gelatinous core (nucleus pulposus). This allows the column to be

How To Treat the Sprains and Bruises ?

How To Treat the Sprains and Bruises

What are sprains and bruises? A sprain causes pain, swelling and a bluish discoloration of the skin. This is a consequence of the rupture of small blood vessels which causes the area surrounding tissues are filled with blood. The same

How can sport ease tension ?

Sport relieves tension

We all know that exercising regularly is good for health and life expectancy increases, and help to release tension but did you know it can also help cure depression? The United States is testing new sport as therapy to combat,

Active and healthy aging

healthy aging

Worldwide, the proportion of older people is growing faster than any other age group.Life expectancy increases, currently arriving in Spain at age 80 or so, which means the overall aging of the Spanish population. The aging society on the one