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Modus Operandi Banana Cake and Gianduja

Banana Cake and Gianduja

Main ingredients: 13 gr. clarified butter 25 gr. invert sugar 33 gr. yolk 100 gr. icing sugar 100 gr. banana pulp 100 gr. egg white 66 gr. sugar 166 gr. flour 6 g. baking powder 100 gr. gianduja, in small

Sugar Free Desserts for Thanksgiving

Sugar Free Desserts for Thanksgiving

These holidays are to enjoy homemade food and drinks, but there are people who, for medical reasons, are under strict diets and therefore can not eat foods rich in sugars. The first thing to do is use natural sugar substitutes,

How to Make Royal Icing ?

Royal Icing

The icing is a classic bathroom pastry with which you can perform various tasks decor. Royal icing recipe With royal icing decorations can perform various beautifying when cakes, cookies or certain figures. For consistency, the glaze can be used to

How to Make Cheese ?

Make Cheese

The cheese can be made at home, is very simple and you can get a product of very good quality, nutritious, free of preservatives and the safety of the ingredients that have been used in its manufacture. Recipe for cheese

How to Make Pizza in Microwave ?


Here is a basic recipe for pizza in the microwave, with the freedom to add all the ingredients you want How to cook pizza in the microwave While there will be as prepared baked in the microwave we can also

How to Make Tiramisu ?


After a good family meal, the finale is dessert. And in this case, the tiramisu gets all the awards. The tiramisu This modern dessert is very simple to prepare, so that even children can collaborate in its development. Its ingredients

How to Make Cookies Without Butter ?


 Here is a great recipe to make cookies without butter. Make cookies without butter or shortening is possible This is a recipe that we have on hand for any emergency, because in a few minutes we delicious cookies ready for

How to Make Homemade Cheesecake ?


The cheesecake is a sweet dessert or cake very famous and irresistible. In this article we will see how to make homemade cheesecake with a simple and classic recipe. Classic recipe for cheesecake The cheesecake or cheesecake, is an absolute

How to Make Swiss Meringue ?

Swiss Meringue

This meringue is brighter than the Italian and French, and very suitable for decorating cakes and desserts. Swiss Meringue The meringue Swiss cooking is characterized by a water bath. When cooked, this meringue is firmer than Italian or French meringue

How to Make Applesauce ?


Applesauce is easy to prepare and a good complement to dress various dishes. Uses applesauce Applesauce is so simple to prepare that makes perfect homemade dessert. Depending on the taste of the guests, you will be added to the basic