Switzerland’s Natural Beauty


The terraced vineyards

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux are World Heritage Site by Unesco.

connecting with nature.

Soglio vacuum rushes contacting with nature.

national symbol

The Matterhorn rises majestically to reach the roof of Europe. Es con ello todo un símbolo nacional. It is thus a national symbol.

Rail lines Albula-Bernina

Rail lines Albula-Bernina between Thusis and Tirano through Saint-Moritz are also core Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Lake Biel.

You can hear the silence on Lake Biel.

Ticino region

Contrasting colors in a summery landscape in Brissago, the shores of Lake Maggiore, in the Ticino region.

the Appenzell region.

The song is an improvised Zaeuerlen (Jodeln) practiced in the Appenzell region.

Cows Herens race

Cows Herens race struggle in the Valais region to become instinctively, only one of them, the queen of the whole herd.

the central Switzerland.

Brünigschwinget is the prestigious Swiss wrestling festival held in the central Switzerland.

The oldest steamboat

The oldest steamboat that runs to Lake Lucerne was built in 1901.

Nature surrounds dreamy landscapes

Nature surrounds dreamy landscapes. En la región de los Grisones, las montañas vírgenes protegen el recorrido de sus visitantes. In the region of Graubünden, pristine mountains protect the course of your visitors.

St. Bernard dogs are a very special symbol of Switzerland

St. Bernard dogs are a very special symbol of Switzerland. Son héroes de cuatro patas que salvan vidas de montañistas perdidos que se crían en el puerto de montaña alpino de Gran San Bernardo. They are four-legged heroes who save lives of lost climbers that grow in the alpine mountain pass Gran San Bernardo.

The alpine horn sound deeply touched his listener

The alpine horn sound deeply touched his listener. Es el instrumento musical suizo por excelencia. It is the quintessential Swiss musical instrument.

Celebrate cows

The Désalpe occurs in the region of Fribourg in late September. Celebra el descenso de las vacas de las cimas de los Alpes, donde pastan durante los meses de buen clima. Celebrate cows falling from the tops of the Alps, where grazing during the months of good weather.

Contact with nature in Switzerland

Contact with nature in Switzerland is easy and recommended: one lives in the first person.

Zürich is in the center of Europe

Zürich is in the center of Europe. Un ambiente multicultural y un gran abanico de ocio son la cara visible de una ciudad siempre atractiva. A multicultural environment and a wide range of leisure are the visible face of a city always attractive.