Simple Ways to Improve Your mornings & Achieve SUCCESS

April. Soothe your mind before going to bed
Try to get used to meditate or relax 20-30 minutes before bedtime. Do not work or watch TV before going to sleep. If you do, your mind will still work and will take longer to fall asleep, your sleep will not be as deep as it should be relaxed, and feel tired the next day.

May. Make a firm decision to get up at 5AM and turn it into an exciting challenge
Before going to sleep, tell yourself you have to get up at 5AM – no matter what happens! Visualize yourself having a good night of deep, restful sleep and energy, and getting up at 5AM feeling refreshed and excited to start the day.
That way you conditioned your subconscious, and early to rise will be much easier.
Click “getting up at 5 am” exciting challenge. Most people do not even try in his lifetime, many of those who try, they will give up after only a few days. Yes, getting up early is a particular habit worn by the most successful people in the world Will I succeed? Of course you do!

6. Do not press the snooze button
I know it’s tempting to press the snooze button when it sounds, but it makes the challenge even more difficult to get up early. The first time I pressed once, the next day maybe two, then stays in bed half an hour.
Do not think, do not negotiate, do not try to find reasons that would not be a problem to stay a few more minutes … just get up, do it!
You can practice this behavior during the day, go to bed, set your alarm to go off at 5 minutes, relax and pretend you are asleep, and as soon as your alarm goes off, tell yourself: “Time to get up, can not wait to have another exciting day “- and simply get out of bed.

7. Set your alarm out of reach
If the temptation to press the snooze button is too strong, attach the alarm away from your bed, to have no choice but to get up to turn it off.

8. Time to wake up completely
Ok, just getting out of bed, but probably not fully awake. Open the window and breathe fresh air. I also recommend mild exercise for at least 10-15 minutes to fully oxygenate your body and get ready for the day.

9. Be Proud (a) of his achievement
Less than 1% of the population gets up at 5AM, and typically only people of high performance and super successful people do. So, take a minute and enjoy your achievement, and be proud of himself.
This may sound a bit childish, but it’s really important. Having this feeling of accomplishment will give extra motivation to get up and make it easier for you early the following day.

10. Make sure your diet is healthy and balanced
The quality of your diet has a huge impact on your energy level. The higher the quality of nutrition, have more energy and need less sleep.
I recommend you buy a good book on healthy nutrition. Here are some basic tips that will give you some ideas: Eat more fruit and vegetables (ideally organic), drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol, fast food, junk food, too much coffee or black tea. Cut down on sugar, unsaturated fatty acids and meat as much as possible.
“It’s good to get up before dawn, because such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom” – Aristotle

PS: Again, getting up early is perhaps a little difficult at first but it gets easier every day. Start slowly, waking just 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Get used to this for a few days. Then reduce 10-15 minutes. Keep doing this gradually until you reach your goal time. This requires discipline and willpower, but worth it.