Quick Tips to prevent influenza (or at least try!)

As each viral infection, every time one gets a virus develops antibodies against that, being totally immune to future infections of the same virus.  However, when the virus changes, the antibody was previously created (although it may offer partial protection) does not fight the virus mutated, so that he fell ill again.

In fact, do not stop vaccines contain a small percentage of virus that our immune system to develop defenses against a possible contagion.

What should the rest of the population?
Although doctors insist that the vaccine is the best prevention of contagion, it is true that there are certain measures that can help us out when trying to prevent disease, as we noted from the Institute Silestone, and have much to do with hygiene and food.

Do not forget …

– Wash your hands frequently. In addition, use of antiseptic solutions and disinfectants to eradicate any kind of organism. This one ensures greater hand disinfection.
– Cover your mouth and nose with a garment when you sneeze or cough.
– Do not share eating utensils or drinking glasses or eating utensils.
– Carefully clean foods eaten raw, fresh as a food does not make it a food clean.
– Cooking with intense heat to kill germs. Keep food either hot or cold, temperate avoiding.
– Clean and disinfect the kitchen considering that the countertops, cloths, sponges and utensils are the most likely to contain bacteria.
– Disinfect surfaces weekly bathing controversial as would the toilet.
– Ventilate the rooms and most crowded.
– Avoid drafts. The air itself is a hostile environment for microorganisms, but can also become an excellent dispersion and transport for them, especially through the currents.

Also food, as we said, for being a good uality. Silestone Institute, in collaboration with Yolanda Hall, coordinator of the Spanish Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists (AEDN) also proposes some dietary advice to strengthen the immune system and can thus combat infection.

– Maintain a diet rich in vegetables and fresh fruit. Sobre todo, una dieta equilibrada y variada. Above all, a balanced and varied diet.
– Hydrate well with mineral water.
– Exercise, but it is recommended to cover well in cold winter temperatures.
– Eat citrus fruits such as oranges, since they contain vitamin C, a type of vitamin that increases interferon, a type of protein in our body including power defenses. One option would be to take an orange juice in the morning.
– Some studies claim that vitamin E (olive oil, nuts, etc) and vitamin A (eggs and vegetables) enhance the immune response, helping to fight infections more effectively.