Pots and Pans Stainless Steel for Good Health

Tescoma The Czech firm also has an interesting line of pans of the same material.Model ‘Amila’ (24 cm diameter), for example, is provided with an extra thick sandwich bottom and wide stainless steel handles.
The model ‘Praktica’ (available in four sizes) of the same brand, also has called sandwich bottom. This system has excellent heat buildup, thus saving energy. Since the plate can be turned off before the end of cooking, and even still effective if put on low heat.
The wok with lid ‘Presto’, in addition to the same fund has a glass top and stainless steel with a hole for steam. Thing allowing complete control over the cooking process. All parts are suitable for all types of hobs: gas, electric, ceramic and induction.

made of gray ceramic

Another option for combining aluminum pans with other materials. This is what offers the latest range of Tefal kitchenware. This is ‘Ceram Induction’. Pans made ​​of aluminum c 100% ceramic coating on top quality both outside and inside.
This system is also well suited for even heat diffusion. Besides being very strong, thanks to the thick gray ceramic, making them suitable even for metal utensils. And they’re easy to clean due to a hard-molded stainless steel, which makes their bases are antideformables.