Ovarian cancer, the importance of being well informed

And in this case, is met again the maxim that the earlier the diagnosis, the better the prognosis. “It is essential that women identify what are the warning signs that may lead to suspicion of the existence of ‘something’ in the ovary.Thus, women may see a specialist in time to intervene and that the tumor does not progress, “said Ferrero.

3,000 cases per year
As mentioned at the beginning, the ovarian tumor is a type of high incidence, with more than 3,000 cases per year in our country.”An incident that we classify as high as it stands ovarian cancer monopolizing the 5% of tumors in women in our country,” said Dr. Antonio González Martín, secretary of the Spanish Group for Research in Ovarian Cancer (GEICO).

Risk Factors
It is unknown exactly what causes ovarian cancer, but it is known that there are factors that increase the risk of autism.”Women with two or more maternal or paternal relatives who have had ovarian cancer have a higher risk (compared to the general population) to have ovarian cancer, women who have not had children, who have never taken contraceptives , who started menstruating at an early age or menopause which started later than average are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, “says this expert.Similarly, obesity, smoking and lack of exercise are also associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Well informed
“Currently, associations affected by cancer diseases play a key role from the point of view of the support they provide to patients in all aspects,” said Dr. Jesus Garcia Mata, vocal SEOM Board and head of Medical Oncology at the Hospital of Santa Maria Nai Orense.

“The information that a newly diagnosed woman receives on this topic is essential to know when dealing with the disease.Feeling and knowing you’re not alone, there are more women who went through the same situation and it helps exceeded feel stronger, more capable, “said Ferrero.

“When you’re diagnosed with cancer, whatever the type, the first reaction is fear.However, it is essential to the work of patient associations when guidance and support to those affected, we must not forget that our families and friends also suffer the diagnosis, treatment and are also lacking in information, guidance, “concludes President of the Association.

Information for those affected
To improve information received by patients, ASACO has developed a set of practical materials that aim to help patients who face the diagnosis.”To fight and overcome a serious illness like cancer and painful one of the most important aspects is to understand and feel that other people struggle with you,” explains Dr. Garcia Mata.”Therefore, this type of materials is of great importance to patients, help them understand the problem and are concerned about others with the same characteristics.”

Thus, it has produced a booklet which describes the main aspects of ovarian cancer, how treated, professionals who are caring for the affected, frequently asked questions that may be a doctor and a number of advice.Another material is a “treatment diary” in which the affected can follow the daily lives of their therapy, while it provides information on the effects it can have, you leave room for notes and perceptions . And finally, these materials accompanying a diptych informative, with illustrations, explains what ovarian cancer and the five key issues that should be known about this disease.