Nutritional Needs For Athletes

Energy needed by activity: In a sedentary or overweight, the energy required is 20 calories per kilogram of weight per day. The moderately active in need approximately 25 women and 35 men, calories per kilogram body weight.

In cases of very active people, such as the case of sportsmen, with a requirement of between 37 and 51 calories sportsmen and women between 41 and 58 calories per kilogram of weight.

The food Рfuel:  Unlike the fat, carbohydrates are more easily converted fuel, provide energy to the muscles and body. Consider also that those involved in physical activity, at rest also continue to burn energy.

The mechanism is as follows: When eating an exercise the body contains less oxygen and carbohydrates thus become an important source of energy, especially if the exercise is intense and lasts a short time interval.

Fats are stored as body fat and protein as muscle, carbohydrates in small amounts as glycogen in the liver and muscles, hence the importance of consuming carbohydrates before exercise. If practiced for an extended time and moderate pace are depleted glycogen stores and your body breaks down fat for energy.