Modus Operandi Spaghetti with Veal Shank in Tomato

– 500 grams of beef, I used hock
– 400 grams of spaghetti
– 1 kg of ripe red tomatoes, I used pear
– 1 onion
– 4 cloves of garlic
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Fine Wine
– Salt
– Ground pepper

– Chop the meat into small cubes
– Put the meat in a large skillet with some extra virgin olive oil and fry to seal completely.
– Reserved.
– Cook the spaghetti, drain them and set aside.
– Put the onion and saute garlic with a little extra virgin olive oil.
– When the onion is tender, add the tomatoes, peeled and sliced.
– We let him go simmer the sauce making.
– When the tomatoes are cooked, grind in a blender.
– We put ketchup on a pressure cooker.
– We add the meat with the juices that have released.
– Salpimentamos.
– We like half a glass of fine wine.
– When it starts boiling, close the pot.
– We leave it beeps for at menso 15-25 minutes.
– We opened.
– We found that the meat is cooked.
– We add the spaghetti and we link.
– Check the salt.
– Serve.