Mini-Tiles and Relief, New Trends in Coatings

red Mini-Tiles

Inspired by the reflections and the nature of nacre, Nacaré collection also gives the feeling of being made ​​up of small tiles, being actually ceramic tile, this time large format (33,3 x66, 6cm). The idea was to transfer the beauty of nacre or mother of pearl to the walls of the bathroom, thus forgetting the idea that this delicate material should be used in making jewelry and crafts figures. Designed by the firm’s team Venis, Porcelanosa Group, is made ​​monoporosa and ground finish, combines matte and gloss on the surface and is available in white and gray. Besides the  spectacular Deco version, which features a mosaic of figures that are drawn and fade by the play of reflections on its surface.

The other big trend Porcelanosa tiles which has registered are embossed coverings for kitchens and bathrooms. Qatar and London are the names of his two collections in this regard.
Both are made monoporosa with pearly surface and glossy finish that gives them a distinctive sheen. Qatar is inspired by the slow and irregular movement of advancing through the desert dunes. While London silhouettes evoke the serenity of a calm sea.

We end this review of developments with Crystal Porcelanosa tiles causing a great sense of depth and create a mirror effect thanks to its smooth surface and high gloss. Reflections distanced getting this collection of traditional ceramics.  The Crystal series is available in eight different finishes: White, Vanilla, Acid, Moka, Orange, Cherry, Brown and Black.