May gardening tips for beginners

# 4. Transplant carefully
Usually the plants we planted in our garden get them in pots, one of the most common mistakes among rookies gardening is only digging a hole in the ground and put the fresh out of the pot plant. This is wrong, because the roots are wound together and not spread by the end end rot by irrigation. So before you plant something that comes from a container, carefully seen wearing the roots from the inside out so that when transplanting the plant , the roots take place.

# 5. Pruning your plants
If you are planting roses or plants and shrubs that cover much space, pódalos periodically or whenever you see growing exorbitantly because when pruning plants sunlight does not reach all the places making no Florée. On the contrary, often the lack of sun makes certain parasites remain in the branches and may affect the health of your plant.