Lamps: When light Takes Shape

The idea proposed by Jacob Andreas Lund and Rudbeck for the Danish firm Normann Copenhagen is more robust. Bell is a fun pendant lamp shaped bell-hence its name. Designers say: “Just as light helps pick up people, the bells have been traditionally used to call and bring people together. With its distinctive silhouette, Bell can also create a cozy place to meet. ”
Its design is striking not only for its shape, but also by the contrast between the materials used.  And their special way of lighting. Reflected light on the inner side of the screen, falling like a cone and provides good lighting on the dining room table, for example.

Bottle Light

The Bottle Light, Tomas Alonso , is something like a ‘twist’ on trend ‘bright’. Because a single piece lamp can be used as alone or in a simple wooden support. Here you choose the height of the light based only on its own weight to remain in the desired position.
The screen is like a bottle cut in half inside which hides the bulb. It is made of ceramide and is also suitable for wall mounting, as an applet.

What we present below is not exactly a lamp with a unique shape that reminds some object.  It is simply a ceiling lamp made ​​of tea pots of different shapes and similar sizes.
Is the French firm Roche Bobois and called-how could it be otherwise-Teapot Grouping. It is designed by Peter Bowles and consists of seven white porcelain teapots. Yes, it is suitable for large rooms with high ceilings, because the cable length is 150 inches.