Ideas for decorating small gardens

Pots on your patio or garden
Herbs and vegetables need six to eight hours of daily light and land, so if you do not have land on which to plant pots or planters may purchase land and light for the water to drain well. Such crops also need plenty of water, so when planting should take account of the risk, either by placing them near a hose or a watering can acquire.

Varieties to grow
In choosing varieties we want, we must choose which occupy less space. For example, if we choose to plant tomatoes or small cherry tomatoes and ‘dwarf’ varieties. Home Total have already seen how to plant tomatoes in pots , so I recommend that you read this post to learn in detail about it. If you prefer the herbs you can not help but see how to grow herbs and spices in your home .

Fresh and abundant vegetables
Harvest green leaves once a week to stimulate growth and achieve have a small garden always beautiful and plentiful.