How We Plan a Wedding: Keep it simple, we tell you how

Decide how much money you want to spend making a budget that sets out priorities. It is advisable to talk with family and groom on these factors to know approximately how much money is counted.

Buy a book to be devoted exclusively to the business of the wedding. It is advisable to carry around because anything can spark an interesting idea.

Choosing companions at the wedding godfather, godmother, bridesmaids, witnesses, etc. ..

The choice of wedding dress is transcendental. Looking on the Internet, browse catalogs, visiting shops can collaborate to make a clear idea of ​​what would be the dress, always within budget.

It’s time to book the essentials, ie, the basics: the ceremony location, wedding hall, banquet music, photography and video, decoration, cake, etc. ..

Make the gift list with everything that will be needed in the future house of marriage.

Decide the distribution of the guests at the tables. Without giving too much information, it is advisable to use the help of family and friends to come to an agreement and make everyone feel happy and comfortable.