How to use Gmail to send and receive emails

POP server: this setting normally found on the website of your provider, in the help page or by contacting the administrator. For the most famous exists a database accessible to this link ;

On the same page there are also some useful options needed to build or not “flag”, whether or not you want to leave a copy of the email on the original server, uses an SSL connection or not, this setting depends on the server you are using , applies a label to incoming messages (recommended, in this way it will be easier to understand where they came from and keep them ordered)

Now click on “Add” google will try to synchronize the email accounts with Gmail to check your proxy settings, if there are no problems the work is finished, otherwise we have to double-check the settings you have entered maybe verifying username and password. Sometimes, in fact, the email provider that you put volgiono also inside the username field.

Once the POP settings we will be asked whether or not we want to use gmail to send emails as and not just download them. For those who have already set the POP email in the menu and starts at this point is to use the “Send mail from another address” in the menu “Send mail as”.
The first menu that will be presented in the event of an affirmative answer is that in which we have to enter the name you want I appear when we send the email “Name” or Nickname and so on and under the email address to be associated (if we start from scratch is to insert this field also, if we get the POP settings is already compiled)

the second menu asks us if we want to use the gmail server to send email, or if we want to use a smtp server (recommended for business guidelines). We are asked this because if we use the google server will never be sent as and the receiver will display the following acknowledgment: “ (on behalf of” In the case of work email may not be pleasant or otherwise might not like the fact that the recipient is aware also of the private email.
Selecting the option send with smtp server we will be asked quele server to use (see page with the most famous or search on the site your service provider), your username and password. Also in this case the term Google will make a test to verify that the settings are correct. If not there might be some wrong settings, as for the POP check that your provider does not want to also set the username @ nomedomino or check that it is necessary to use an SSL connection
perhaps you prefer to use the Google server will be asked to verify that the e-mail is your own by sending an email to containing a verification number. Once the gun is recovered and inserted the procedure is finished.
It can happen sometimes that if you do the POP and SMTP in one step are saved only those SMTP. No problem, repeat step POP and you’re done.

I personally have had trouble syncing the address of a site created with Aruba, but I solved by using the following settings:

Account name:
Password: password chosen when creating the account
POP3: (or. Com or whatever it is)
POP3 Port = default
SMTP Port = 465

In the settings “Send mail as” must also be selected in the “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending email”