How to use a soldering gun

Whenever you plan to do any welding work, try to work in a well ventilated area where fumes and vapors released from welding work can dissipate quickly. You at least avoid breathing the smoke of the gun directly, because it can irritate your breathing.
Not directly use the tip of the welding gun while hot. This is heated to about 400 ° C, and the temperature not want to suffer nasty skin burns.
Usually welders have incorporated flex resistant protective heat surplus. Make sure you do not touch the power cord directly as a flexible flex ordinary plastic melts instantly and you will be prone to burns and electrical shock during use.
This is the most important point, after the welding is completed, put the gun to the support of the working table to prevent further damage to the surroundings.
Finally, wash your hands after the work is done. Solder contains lead material, which is known to be a poisonous substance.
How to use this weapon

After taking note of the tips and safety precautions regarding the use of a soldering gun, now, now move on to the actual process of how to use a soldering gun.

To start with the welding work, first, place the gun on the stand and then put the plug in the tool. Tool give some time to suitably heated to a temperature of 400 ° C.
Become a sponge with some water in the holder of the welding gun. Choose sponge holder and put it under cold water. Make sure it’s wet but not wet.
At the time of placing the gun in the stand, have the damp sponge to clean the tip of the tool. Is this process carefully.
Before pushing the welding wire in the tip of the gun, make sure you do tinned first process, ie applying the solder wire to the tip of the welder using the heat flow into the working set.
At the same time, continue cleaning the tip of the gun in damp sponge to keep it clean.
Like how a pencil from its base, keep this weapon too.
Press the gun to the binding component and ensure that the track and lead are in contact. Do not hold it for long, but only a few seconds.
Once your hand is holding steady with the gun and the joint, running on a little welding joint component and not the tip of the iron.
Just a quick touch of solder and pull it off the board while still maintaining the joint firmly and steadily. Wait a few seconds for the job to cool before they worry more.
What do you really see? Something bright, something fade in color? If so, then your welding work is completed. If you see the connection is lost, try again following the same procedure and with much patience. You will break!
Well, the connection is working here, but what about the welding gun? We must immediately take their hands and put it back on its stand.
Allow the tip to cool completely, then try to clean the tip (resin core solder).
Now how hard is that you tell me? It has been said and heard true that practice makes a man perfect ! So when you buy this gun for any personal or professional project, try a few practice joints on the components raw and then move on.