How to Treat Constipation ?

If you suffer from constipation follow these easy tips and immediate remedy. Do not entail too much effort and yes well for constipation.

  • Fruit juices breakfast
  • Establish your meal schedule so that always makes these at the same time.
  • Include in your daily diet the amount of fiber needed. You have it in fruits like kiwis, plums, pears, grapes, pineapple or apples. Also on vegetables, legumes and whole grains. It helps to regulate traffic and maintain in good condition the intestinal flora
  • Drink lots of water and that poor hydration favors constipation
  • Escape the sedentary, exercise or play sports. If your problem is the time or stamina, try to do sit or walk for an hour a day will help. That if you need to be consistent and make it a daily task
  • Breathe deeply as the respiratory act massaging the abdomen
  • Avoid laxatives as they can help but not solve the problem. Excessive use may even have the opposite effect

And above all, consult your doctor.