How to tell if he likes me

Orientation towards you
If every time you initiate a conversation he or she is placed right in front of you, always trying to talk to front , encararte somehow a sign that you want to get your attention, this point clear guidance should fit into context of other signals, otherwise anyone could interpret straight talk you will be attracted to you.

Gestures when speaking
The level of relaxation experienced by a person to talk to you indicates how comfortable you can feel close to you. If when you talk to him or her, looks relaxed, his hands gesturing, or any part of the body touched, like hair, is a good sign because your side is completely comfortable.

Interest and conversation
When someone likes you, almost instinctively that person wants to hear from you , so it is normal that encourages many conversations to know you, know your interests, hobbies, if you or your partner, you ask for opinions and listens carefully what you say, and when you state something like you will notice that pays much attention . There are also games and jokes in between, and that humor is an infallible tool of conquest.

Most obvious signs
In these tracks you can add obvious signs as to be too interested in you, I’m flattered, you ask about personal things or problems that have manifested take is thorough and attentive (a), looking to spend time with you, makes you invitations conducive to meeting alone, in short everything that is associated with courtship.

Beware see ghosts
Although someone like it too must be objective, it is not looking for ghosts where none exist, this type of body signals mentioned are quite specific and obvious, but they mean something on a whole, not in isolation, ie if one day you touched the shoulder to tell you something and never came around, this is a must separate fact and see it as such.

The next step
When the attraction between two people is obvious and one of the two will inevitably eventually the next step, maybe about waiting until you are sure that the circumstances are conducive to approach that person. Henceforth devote yourself to observe in detail and you can more easily secure to know if he likes you or not.

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