How to save water at home?

2. Do not use water to defrost food , bring them out of the freezer early enough, totally avoid unnecessary spending.

3. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, shave or soaping your hands. A running tap uses up to 12 liters of water per minute.

4. Do not shower, rinse, and also closed the tap while you’re soaping and also reduce water consumption significantly.

5. Place a wastebasket in the bathroom, remember that the toilet is not a trash can and flush these downloads are completely unnecessary and easy to avoid. In addition to saving water, every time you pull the tank spend between 6 and 12 liters of water, also avoid the waste tires by the drain? 1/4e well as clogging and hinder the work of purification.

6. Do not let the tap run to cool the water, keep a bottle in the fridge, and if you have the habit of putting a pot of water on the table remember that you can use leftover vegetables perfectly for washing and watering plants.

7. Place filters on faucets and showers , will reduce consumption by up to 50%.

8. Keep the faucets in your home about, repairing those in need, and avoid leaking, keep in mind that a drop does not mean anything, but 30 drops per second fees cost 15 liters of water a day, easy to avoid if we deal with repairing damaged taps .

9. Install a cistern dual push button, so you can reduce water consumption by half.

10. If you have plants water them at night or at dawn, avoid the sun evaporates the water and not have to water them as often.