How To Respond To Lumbago?

Exercise, good ally on your back
Tables of special gym to strengthen the muscles of the back. In addition, there are systems and methods of empowerment and muscle relaxation such as yoga, Pilates, quinesoterapia, etc., very effective to treat and prevent lower back pain. Now the treatment through relaxation and gymnastics should be supervised by a doctor or physiotherapist and is proven to be a very effective environment to improve symptoms.

7 Helpful Tips
• Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Conviene hacer ejercicio físico habitual y moderado. It should be regular and moderate exercise.
• Try to avoid becoming overweight. Do not forget that weight loss always improves symptoms.
• Sleep in the right bed. The hard surface or special mattresses are a good means of prevention.
• Local heat is often beneficial.
• Relaxation, massage and stretching are very effective.
• The way to gain weight, sitting or walking and breathing may have to do with the origin of pain .
• The special gymnastics disciplines are very beneficial back .