How To Remove The Walls Stippling ?

For starters proceed to cover all outlets and light points with masking tape or coachbuilder in order to prevent water and products that we apply on the wall may come into contact with outlets to avoid electrical accidents.

Once coated plugs, proceed to moisten the wall with a spray, if the drop is not too fat gotelé either a sponge or paint roller.Once we have dampened the wall, we can go gotelé removing the wall with a spatula or a sander.This task requires a lot of patience because it takes a while to remove all the walls gotelé.

After removing the wall gotelé, we smooth the wall to this effect a renewal aguaplast, which apply on the wall helping a wide spatula. For aguaplast mix, follow the instructions that indicates the product manufacturer. We apply the product on our walls, removing excess acuaplast.Once dry this first hand, will sandpaper the walls, and if necessary because we have been imperfections, give other hand, for a flawless finish. Once dry the surface, and if there are imperfections, can be sanded and painted.