How to Remove a Stripped Screw

To remove a stripped screw from a laptop, then you should be as gentle as possible. The best way is to use silicone glue and a small piece of metal. All you need to do is apply the silicone glue on the screw head and then place a small piece of metal in it. Then after the glue has dried, you can start slowly and gently unscrewing. It is advisable to apply the least force possible.

To remove a stripped screw a wall, then use a screw extractor pliers or even powerful. In some extreme cases, people also make use of drilling machines to remove the entire screw. However, this heavily damaged wall. If you do not want to use a drill or do not have one, then you can also try to stick another screw in the screw head stripped with a flame oxy-fuel welding. This way you can easily remove the screw from the wall.

When attempting to remove the screw, make sure they protect your eyes and wear gloves, as the shrapnel of screws are very small and can be dangerous.