How to Relieve Headache Without Medicin ?

The choice of natural solutions also responds to a domestic economy Optimized home remedies and tricks have minimal or no cost, unlike the price of drugs and more expensive drugs every day.

Natural Solutions for Headache
The lack of water in the body can be a factor headache . Drinking plenty of fluids facilitates vital functions, so the first thing is to take a glass of clean, fresh water. Consume at least two liters a day to relieve your discomfort and keep your body in top condition.

Then, fold the likely source of pain. If you’re at the computer or the screen, go to a more dark and quiet. Turn down the music, stay away from devices that emit buzzing, seek shade, off the cigarette, stop eating and drink in abundance, and short with what may be the cause of your headache. Go to the room or the room with dim light and silence, and lie there for relief.

Become massage: With fingertips and making light pressure, make circular movements anti-clockwise on the temples, on the scalp and neck. Serve with rotational movements of the head, side to side, in pendulum and full circles, keeping the mouth somewhat open and eyes closed to it. This will help blood flow to the area, descontracturar√° your muscles, and give you a faster relief and prolonged.

Apply cold: If the pain continues, take a bag of ice or a damp towel and take it to the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Place the cloth on the forehead and neck, eyes relaxing also. The cold constricts vessels desinflamación circulation and encourages muscle, providing pain relief in just 20 minutes.
Homeopathic remedies can take advantage if you prefer, as a hot infusion while applying cold baths in your forehead and temples.

With these simple techniques and a little patience, your headache will disappear without damaging your stomach without an associated expense. Try them at your next migraine, and see that it will not return to artificial drugs.