How to prevent diabetic neuropathy

Blood Sugar Level Control
Individuals with very high levels of glucose in the blood are more likely to develop neuropathy. Therefore, keep a tight rein on the levels of blood sugar is very essential. The blood sugar levels must be maintained within the normal range of staying healthy without having to worry about other complications develop.

Weight Management
Overweight is a risk factor for the development of neuropathy in diabetic patients. Exercise helps reduce excess weight, promote the regeneration of nerve cells and maintaining normal levels of blood sugar.

Foot Inspection
Diabetic neuropathy is common in the feet. The result is a loss of sensation in the area due to a small cut, blister or injury may go unnoticed. Regular inspection of the feet is to verify if these cases indicate neuropathy occurring in a diabetic person. In addition to regular inspection, annual inspection team standing diabetes should also be part of the routine.

Wear comfortable shoes
People with diabetes, especially high-risk people should wear comfortable shoes. Should not be too tight or too loose for your feet. Leather and fabric are good choices for the feet, because they are flexible in nature. Walking shoes are also a convenient option for the feet of a diabetic person.

Follow a routine daily care Foot
Feet should be addressed to decrease the chances of developing neuropathy in the feet. Should be washed regularly with warm water and a moisturizing cream should be applied to prevent dryness and cracking. Toenails should be cut regularly to avoid ingrown toenails.

Regular Scheme of Life
Diabetics should regulate their pattern of life by getting up early and go to bed at the right time. In doing so, not only maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also improve glycometabolism, which is good for the prevention of this disease.

Maintain a balanced diet
A proper diet plan is essential to maintain a stable blood sugar. Foods high in salt, fat, sugar and saturated fats should be avoided, and those that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet. Getting A proper diet chart prepared by a dietician will be helpful in tracking a diet that is able to maintain normal levels of blood glucose.

Diabetic neuropathy is a serious complication associated with diabetes. Therefore, diabetics should take special care of themselves to prevent their occurrence. Apart from following what has been mentioned above, consult a doctor who can recommend better ways to prevent this chronic disorder in diabetics.