How to plant a flower bed in the garden

Then we spread throughout that area newspapers, it is very important to spray with the hose between each layer of newspapers. Thus newspapers will remain wet and will decompose faster.The layer of newspapers has to be two to three inches but if we have weeds among the grass will increase some inches of newspaper.

After having our bed well wet newspapers, cover the entire area with four inches of compost manure, then with organic compost and finally with five or six inches thick wood mulch. Mulch helps keep the moisture and prevents weed seeds from growing. It is important to keep the bed moist dirt and grass newspapers to drown. Followed by watering our place will be ready between 45 and 60 days.

plant a flower bed in the garden

We will know if our place is ready when we make a deep hole in the ground and no longer has newspapers. This is when we begin to  plant the flower bed .
You better sow our plants according to their seasons, for example when spring is just beginning. Better than trasplantemos flowers and plants that sow not from scratch because not all be long and grow as planned.