How to plan a perfect picnic

Order food as it will consume, ie snacks must be on the surface and dessert in the bottom of the basket / bag. This makes it easy to find what we want without having to dig.

If possible, we recommend that you drink at least spend a whole day in the fridge before llevároslas the picnic. When cast them, wrap them in newspaper to avoid wetting the other things that go into the basket. Also with this system will stay fresh drinks for longer.

When it comes to food, this time of year, we prefer to buy freshly made baguettes and prepare sandwiches for the picnic, so the bread does not get wet and lose consistency. Choose sausages, coleslaw, cheese … to your liking. Other entrants may be quiche, pasta salads, breadsticks, fruit, bags of chips and dips to share. Avoid sweets as wasps love it!

Choose the right place and space, if your choice is the beach, make sure the rug is large enough to keep the food away from the sand, or chairs or cushions are waterproof. In the park you will have to consider taking a tarp to isolate moisture blanket if the grass is wet. Do not forget the cushions, always provide comfort when relaxing.