How To Make wooden Photo Frames

Here are the materials that we use in this case is cedar wood, since I love the cedar wood, the color that has this as well as veins that unlike many others, this wood is considered good, fine, highly recommended for high quality furniture, because at that Wood does not enter bugs as they are often called, if we will work with this timber must wear a dust mask, as this has a pungent smell, the clothes use to work with this should be for this time, I worked a lot with this type of wood, so I know well its benefits, the trouble with this is that sometimes tends pegase to the skin, once we conclude this work with cedar wood should wash our face, and tell them a story that happened to me a month ago, and to work all morning with this wood, at 12 noon my girlfriend came to my house, which I wash my face, I change pole, to view it, then I saw her, she gave me a gentle kiss on his face and saw it was medium rare, as if he had touched something hot, looked at me and said your face itches? , your lips too? to what I touch my lips to my arm, and I could make sure it was the cedar wood stood there, so we must wash well with soap, and well that was a little story, you will understand that now when working with cedar, I have to give a good showered or a bath, as it is also known, well continue.

As I said before, this work of the recess of the back of the box, we can do it or ruteadora ruter also depend on the blade or cutter recess such, I do it with circular saw that the little strawberry that had for this work estrabio me, so I make this example, it is much easier, and also much faster with ruter, as we see, we must make a recess in the rear of the frame, this will be to stand there, the glass, as well as the picture, portrait, landscape, slogan, whatever what we place within the frame, so this recess is, if we do it with circular saw, must be done in two days, if this is done with ruter is made at a single time, in these two images we see, the first slot, which will result in the width of the recess, in the pictures below we see the depth.

In these images we see the depth that this will depend much the depth of the recess, with the thickness of the glass, as this may vary, in my case I love to put a thick glass in many cases tend to put a thin glass, I I do it for safety, and also love that the glass is resistant, so the depth should remove you, taking the thickness of the glass, rebajarle a little more, so that the glass fits perfectly, and we should not make the recess exact to the thickness of the glass, as if this would be subject to the frame, body would not, so the recess should be a little more than the thickness of the glass, so that it can fit well, so you can hold the glass small nails or silicone, this last will depend largely on each of us.

Once we did the rear recess, we can add to this box wood, molded edges, this can achieve with ruter as this efficient tool is very good for this type of work, much will depend on the strawberries we use, in my case I will use a simple, for this I have to prepare on the desk, a kind of bra, so that when using the ruter be easier, this we can appreciate in the first image, the second image, we see I graduated with strawberry ruter suitable thickness for ruter strawberries are varied, many designs can choose one that we like, in my case I will use as I go back to stress, a simple.

In this first picture we see, which is ready to be moldureada the edges of the wooden box, we must do this job or this step carefully, so that the trim we are doing just right, in the picture below we can see how we stay, both the molding and also the rear recess we did in the first step.

So we’ll take the molding on the edge of the box, as well as the recess in the back, we see clear, as it is distributed in the frentera or face of the molding box and have made, in the back on the opposite side is the recess, we need to take into account much this aspect, the trim is optional, it is not necessary to add, depends on each of us, as some do not like the moldings, the second picture we see that we have the parts the table, these are the measures, back to stress:

2 Units Wood – Length 66.6 cm x 6.7 cm Width – Thickness 2 Cm.
2 Units Wood – Length 61.5 cm x 6.7 cm Width – Thickness 2 Cm.
I put so you can appreciate the measures you use in this opportunity, continue.

Now time will make the cut grade 45, so that the timber can join, this degree can be achieved with the squad, and that this is this option, the cut grade 45 can also be made with other mechanical methods, which are very used, in this case I’ll do it manually, and I will use the saw, the squad.

With the help of the pencil, as well as the squad can do this stroke, we see in the first picture, the part of black paint, is the part that would have to go, in this case I’ll do it manually, with the help Assistant wood, next to the saw, this we can appreciate in the second image, the cut is very important, as it must to close properly, so we must make the best possible cut, if do not have much experience in making a cut perfect with handsaw, it is better to use a mechanical method, as this is easier, it is important that perfect cut, thus binding properly closed.

This step is one of the most important, because if the cut is not perfect, the union will be bad, so we have to accomplish this in the right way, in my case I do it with great care, in the second picture we ready seen that this cut, so that the assembly would be close box

In these two images we see this cut in grade 45, in the second picture we see more clearly that, we have all the box ready to be assembled, the assembly can be varied, since in some cases only joins queue Carpenter, in other cases usually reinforced with wooden pegs, in other cases the use the key, you will see in pictures after this.

For the armed perfect, we must help the squad, and what this will lead us, if we’re putting together properly or are not doing in the first picture we see that, once the work is perfect, this means that joints are tightly closed, as well as the squaring is very good, had to separate two groups, ie, group A and group B, with what they see in the second image, so that it can not be confused.

Once we have prepared very well the unions, as we have also squaring the table, we make an example of a union, this time I will give the example of the wooden dowel union, for this, the box should be just fine as to stress it again, everything is tightly closed and well squared, to change this separate groups so well, once we have prepared the wood, we know where every single piece of wood, in this case we see in the first part of the image or face frentera as it is also often called, in the second picture we see the back, come back matches the recess thus fit the glass very well.

Once you are sure all the above steps correctly we made, we unite these with nut, for this we must help with a ruler, as well as with a pencil, as seen in the first image, we make perfect strokes, the lines visible in the second picture we see this.In this first picture we see that this has the lines or fine lines, as well as groups are written so that in this way we know where each piece is placed, it is very important, because if not separated by groups can confound in the piece, in the second picture we see that the trace it continued to edge of the wood, so that in this way the hole do we look good, this drives the do with the squad as well with pencil .

Thus we must be the trace we have done, the stroke did to start with the rule we follow the side, this time with the squad for us is straight, so we can make the hole or opening properly , this can do with drill hole, if we can do it too escopladora, what matters is that the hole is straight us in the second picture we can see that the hole or hole will do in the middle of the side, respecting the stroke did with the stylus.

As the guide that I have is wood, I can place stops easier, or just nails, because the caps will be the depth that have holes, see first image in a hole that I do is right, as this will be very important for assembly in the second picture we see I finished the job.

In this first picture we see the holes I made with the mortiser, this job or we can perform this step drill also, the important thing is that we stay straight, respecting the stroke we did with the pencil, after having achieved this, we must make the dowel in the second picture we see this, the wooden dowel must have the same dimensions of the hole, as we can appreciate in the second image.

Once we set the dowel in the hole dimensions, we go bowling this, to fit or penetrate the hole and done, this we can do with a manual toothbrush, like this in the first image, the second image we are testing, until it fit very well, once we have the correct dimensions, we cut to appropriate sizes.

In this picture we are cutting the length that corresponds, in the second picture we can see that the ends of the dowels on both sides, we spend a little, so that it can enter the hole simplest way, with this only trying to stay , and then proceed to build permanently.

We tried one last time to make sure the work we stay very well, once you have satisfied the work, with this we are sure that the work is good, we definitely put together with the help of the dowels, this time, it do with coa carpenter, as shown in the second image, the tail should be applied in the right way, whether the anchors as well as the holes.

At the time of arming, we must check if this squaring, we do this with the square, must be very good, because after this we let dry, presses can help to make it easier to aggregate, the second image, we can see more closely the stroke properly joined.

In this picture we see the connection we made with the dowel, the same can be done around the table, in this case I will gold example with the following piece of wood, I will use another method, I know the key name, will an example of this, with the following images, since we did dowel method, we can do around the table, following method is easier, as you will appreciate.

These two pieces of take that as an example for other union, in the case of making a wooden box, the bad of this union is that you can see the key that pendro, which would be a timber, or even a plywood, depending, in the case of union slug is invisible because the plugs are on the inside, however this union that will be located on the outside, as you can see, the first thing would be to make sure that union in grade 45 find very well, as we can see from the two pictures we have here, in the second picture you can clearly see this.Once we have proved that the grade is fine with it properly closes the union, had to gather these, this would also be a union, the only glue stick, apply wood glue in a good amount, together unions, ensure this ribbon with small presses or chew as it is in my case.

Let it dry thoroughly unions, we can do this step with tape chew as well with small presses, once this is dry work could conclude, as the line does an excellent job, as we continue to implement a small safe, which know as key in the pictures below we can see how it is done.In this picture we see all the picture frame over, but at the end we did the union will reinforce, in the second picture you can see I make a stroke, the stroke color painted black so you can appreciate better as the black should get out of there, I helped with the stylus to this action.

I helped with the saw to open the channel or make an opening, respecting the stroke I did with the pencil because as I said the black colored with must exit in the second picture we see this action already undertaken, the thickness of this is 3 mm and that is the thickness of plywood, you can also use a timber that has this thick, in the next picture we see the reinforcement.

In my case plywood will reinforce this with 3 mm thick, as is the thickness of the aperture, this should quepar or fit perfectly into the opening, as we can see this action in the second image, once proven, we turn to definitely attach with wood glue, this will be discussed in the following images.


Apply wood glue to attach the pin into the opening, this will give an additional boost to the union of degree 45, the point of this union is that it must fit perfectly into the opening, since this is what this union, this let dry facts necessary time is 15 minutes or 20 minutes, depending on the weather we have, because in dry weather is drying faster in wet weather delayed some more.

Once dry the union with key, spent brushing, to match this, we can also be sanded, but the latter is delayed a bit more, so I recommend brushing with this union we will have completed the key, as we saw there are ways to unite a framework for picture, we can make an invisible bond which would be the piece of wood, we can also make a simple but more will be seen, as is the case in the keyway, or we can just stick with wood glue, the trouble with this is that with a fall can be disassembled, so it is advisable to reinforce, if either, with nut or with key, there is another method, which I will post an entry since joining the cane meda picture frame is also possible, but I will not extend much this post, so I will post an entry.

It is time to give the finish to our table, once we have completed the assembly, let dry thoroughly, then move on to sanding, first we can do it with a rough sandpaper number 100 or it can be 80, after this we sanding with finer sandpaper, number 220, after it had a finer sanding, number 300, with this wood is very smooth, ready to be lacquered, in my case I will lacquer, the color is natural desire, why not Aplicare no dye, and to select the wood of a single color, with that I will even color, once we set the sanding had to be lacquered, I prepare.

Lacquer 50%.
50% thinner or solvent.
Well I mix these two components to pass emporar our picture if we use lacquer to protect the hands, as in my case I do with industrial gloves, to avoid getting our hands dirty, after passing the first pass, we expect to dry this, then smoothed with sandpaper number 220, we clean to pass the second pass, and so continued about 5 or 6 passes, until you see that this finish, finishing about wraps, we now turn to place their accessories, as are the bra.

Once we have the complete picture, we move to put a bra, in my case I put this simple, since the nail is in the wall can easily enter here, as we see it is easy to insert, as this comes with a screw tip, which is very easy to place the wooden frame before putting the bra, we measure with the tape measure to get the average, once this is done, proceed to place the bra, in this case there several methods, not only this, but I see it very simple this method, not very complicated.

With this we have completed the assembly as well as the painting of the picture, as we see it was very simple to do it, we just have to take into account the right steps, perfect cuts, unions as we saw are three one more that still lack, I’ll upload that in another post, since I do not lengthen much input eta, the bra I could along and not across, this is optional, in the following we will see bigger image, lets see how we take it.

Here is the box already concluded, I put bigger so they can see it closer, they saw is simple, and above all very useful, since one of these is very decorative in a room or in the kitchen, in a library, in a business, in a room, as in my case I’ll put in my room, I hope you find it useful, as it will for me.