How to Make Waffle Chocolate ?

1. Waffles’ll thaw at room temperature .
2. You’ll spread the top and bottom of the waffles with butter, ie on both sides .
3- You’ll put heat a nonstick pan and when you feel very hot and put the waffles until golden leave perfectly on both sides, should be slightly duritos as biscuit .
4. The fire must be low to brown and do not burn .
5. Meanwhile put your chocolate in a small pot with a little milk, and begin to melt it over low heat until fully melted and smooth .
6. The eye is not enough milk you use, is to leave no hard chocolate fundiéramos if only it is needed to lighten poquita milk .
7. Since we have waffles ready, I put the chocolate over the granola and some chopped walnuts .
8. Serve and enjoy with milk, coffee or chocolate .
9. A delicious idea that will delight your family .

Another idea put them besides the granola and nuts, is to put some chopped fruit such as strawberries, fresh blueberries, blackberries, apple, banana wheels. finally the fruit that is in season and so it will be a healthier waffle and give us vitamins, how about this idea?