How to Make Sliding Door “Step by Step”

Moreover, it is an option that has many possibilities, suitable for all tastes. The model that we propose, very simply, consists of a frame in the bottom panel has a beech plywood and finished in the top, a cloth placed upright.

But if you prefer, you can paint the bottom and frame and replace the fabric by a translucent polycarbonate panel, satin or color.

The construction, step by step
The construction of this ingenious proposal is really simple. Simply placing the first beams and uprights of each door and then place the central beam.

Then you must staple the fabric on the back, the filler panel in the bottom and assemble all the ribbons placing panels shall serve as decorative frames.

Then simply install the guide rail on the wall and some wheels or pulleys on the doors so they can run from one side to another with a simple push. Finally, you have to put on the wall to hide the canopy rail and your work will be completed. Of course if this sounds like it might get you in over your head you should contact a trusted remodeling contractor like Southern Home Services to come in and install your new sliding doors.

Fill the shopping cart
The list of materials you will need to build two doors 240 x 65 cm will consist of:

-Uprights, four strips of 40 x 30 mm square and 240 cm long.

-Brackets: four strips 50 x 30 mm square and 59 cm long.

-Center bar: two strips of 40 x 20 mm cross section and 59 cm long.

Lower-Filling: two plywood panels beech finish 59 x 58 cm and 10 mm thick.

Fill-up: two strips of fabric 59 x 179 cm

-Accessories: a strip of quarter round trim 10 x 10 cm in section, has a canopy of 100 x 15 mm section and 240 cm long, a kit for guide rail suspended (240 cm long), pin 8 mm in diameter and glue.

Finally, the tools that you will use to shape this ingenious decorative solution are a jigsaw, a miter box, a tenon saw, a drill-screwdriver, a milling machine to place a guide pin, a hammer , slings, clamps and a brush.